Tokushima Bunri University
Kagawa School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Greeting from Dean

Kagawa School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in April, 2004. Our purpose is to educate students to become professional pharmacists and basic scientists with sufficient knowledge of chemistry, biology, and pharmaceutical thought to practice with humanity and a high sense of ethics and social responsibility. Kagawa School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a six-year undergraduate course and a four-year Ph.D. course. Under the undergraduate program, we train highly qualified pharmacists who are knowledgeable about advanced medical treatment, and who also can contribute to the prevention and cure of diseases. Society’s view of pharmacy education has changed, not only in medical fields but also in other fields, to the fostering of a healthy and safe society. In the Ph.D. course, we cultivate pharmacists and researchers at the international level who play a central role in the development of medical field, with a comprehensive knowledge and high ethical standards of medical care. The Kagawa School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is always making progress on the road toward realizing our goals.

Mission Statement

1. Kagawa School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy (undergraduate course)

The mission of the Department of Pharmacy, Kagawa School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to provide an undergraduate program that trains students to become highly qualified pharmacists who are trusted by patients as medical professionals. We believe that knowledge of the latest science and technology is vital for pharmacists who will be part of the future of medical care. To realize this, students are thoroughly educated in professional fundamentals with an emphasis on acquiring knowledge of medical pharmacology as required by pharmacists and practical experience through on-the-job training.

2. Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D. course)

The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences pledges to promote education and research in the study area with a focus on clinical objectives that use the distinctive features of pharmaceutical sciences integrating medical pharmacology and fundamental pharmaceutical sciences. Through our curricula, students will be equipped with practical, highly professional knowledge and skills backed up by natural science to devote themselves to cultivate problem presentation and problem-solving skills. We expect students to develop a creative attitude and a strong sense of judgment based on an inquisitive mind, an ambitious spirit, originality as a researcher, a broad perspective, and high ethical standards as medical professionals.